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La La Land Was Filmed Here_edited_101717

La La Land Was Filmed Here

30 x 30 x 2.5 in.

Acrylic, ink, cotton rag mat, 24k gold leaf, vintage map, resin, on deep-cradled wood panel

From the collection of Mike Evans

Los Angeles Chinatown is inextricably linked to Hollywood. Architectural elements in Central Plaza were created by Hollywood set designers. In turn, several iconic movies have been filmed there, including Chinatown, Rush Hour, and La La Land. The Royal Pagoda Inn was included as a location in the film and proudly messaged that to passersby on their signage.

This metatheatrical display--pointing out the theatrical significance of a real-life that place that in turn was originally conceived by theatrical creators--is a quintessentially Angeleno expression, truly a case of life imitating art, imitating life.

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